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Men in Love

I have a new Studied column in this Sunday’s Styles section of the New York Times about relationship woes and men. A new study suggests that young men suffer more when relationships are going poorly. Meanwhile, women care more about whether they’re in a relationship or not, no matter the quality of the bond. What […]…
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Does Moving as a Child Create Adult Baggage?

Yesterday I wrote about a new study highlighting potential problems for people who move a lot during childhood. The study raised a lot of interesting questions, some of which it answered statistically, some hypothetically. Does moving during childhood negatively affect people? Do the affects last past childhood, shaping who we are as adults? Do the […]…
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On the Motherlode

Lisa Belkin over at the Motherlode blogs about the July/August issue of The Atlantic in her most recent post, calling out my piece as well as Hannah Rosin’s on the state of men and parenthood. Belkin buy ambien pretty much presents the facts in both stories and weighs in at the end. Many of the […]…
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