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I seem to be doing a doula-diaper tango this week, but both have been on my mind. Diapers, perhaps, more onerously. Last night, for the fifth night in a row, my newly potty-trained daughter woke me up several times groaning and asking to go the potty. Sleep-befogged, I have to resist hissing, “Just do it in your diaper!” (she’s still wearing overnights). Surely that would send the wrong message. For added irony, my 15-month-old has finally started to sleep past 6am. After last night’s multiple wakeups, I decided things must change. Now. So I’m heading out to buy two-piece pajamas that she can pull up and down herself (she currently wears feetsies with a zipper, not the easiest thing for a two year old to get on and off by herself), pull-up diapers, and a nightlight. Tonight, she is on her own.

Anyone have alternatives solutions to this in-between independence and diaperpendence period?

Sleeplessly yours,


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  1. tracey

    Advice is easy to give. But each kid is SO different, that it’s impossible to know which piece to listen to and which to ignore. I’ve had 3 totally different toilet-training experiences, with the eldest not being night-time trained till he was 6 or 7, the middle around 3, and my youngest at barely 2. My best advice is to try what sounds best for you. The heavy-duty overnights are good for keeping the bed dry, but not for letting her know she’s wet. Normal underwear at night is best for letting her experience the feeling of urinating so that she’ll wake up, but will definitely ensure your washing machine running 24/7.

    Perhaps an in-betweener? I used gDiapers with my youngest, which (I personally think) made her feel wet the fastest, without soaking her bed. My eldest used Pull-ups and was in them for years and years….

    Oh! One recommendation is to have the sheets ready to change in her room, use an alarm clock to wake her up to use the bathroom, after intervals that gradually lengthen…

    good luck.

  2. Linda

    Yes, I agree each child is different. Mine were both ready for “no diapers” the minute we started potty training so we did the nighttime part as well. If you can try to last a week or so, you might just go cold turkey and ditch the nighttime diapers. She obviously seems to know when to go.

    I layered the bed with waterproof sheet/regular sheet/waterproof sheet/regular sheet so I could just strip the bed and not have to actually change it. I had lots, and I mean LOTS, of extra clothes next to the bed and ready to change when my kids did wet the bed. With my son it took 1 full week and with my daughter it took about 2 weeks of getting up. Now we’re done. I will say, it does mean early wake ups though since they have to go in the morning.

    Good luck.


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