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Today and yesterday have been crazy busy, so without the time to post much myself, I am linking to some fun posts I’ve read around the web about Parenting, Inc. Greg Allen, one of the great daddy bloggers, has this to say on Daddytypes:

“So far, I’m about 3/4 through, and my review copy is marked up and circled and bookmarked like crazy, so I can have a useful interview with her. Parenting, Inc. covers a disturbing array of hot parenting topics: baby DVD’s; educational, interactive toys; the luxury baby market; baby classes and overscheduling… actually, that’s as far as I’ve gotten.”

On Kottke,  Jason Kottke writes,

“We’re still new to this parenting thing, but Paul seems to be on the right track….Paul also talks about not overstimulating kids. When I get up in the morning or come home from the office, it’s hard not to scoop anti inflammatories Ollie up and give him constant attention until he goes to bed or down for a nap. Instead, I’ve been trying to leave him alone to play and explore by himself. He’s getting old enough that when he wants me involved, he’ll come to me. In this way, parenting is like employee management; give people the resources they need and then let them do their jobs.”

More on both sites. It’s great to hear from fathers since so many books about childrearing are expected to be read only by moms as if men aren’t equally involved in the babymaking process.

And more from me soon, when I come up for air. A reporter from my college alumni magazine is due at my house any minute. Right in the middle of a rowdy neighborhood playdate next to my home office…

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  1. Confused

    Why is that ironic?

    Pamela, Congratulations on the book. Will you be on Oprah or anything to talk about it?


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