The Early Show, Later

To those of you who tuned in to the Early Show yesterday morning and wondered where I was (I’ve heard from some of you via email), my apologies. My appearance was what they call “bumped” to the 28th due to last minute breaking news. I hope you’ll be patient until then; I should show up that morning at around 8:30.

On a totally different topic, thought you might appreciate this story on Nature Babes. Apparently there’s a trend in early childhood education taking root in Germany. According to the Wall Street Journal,

“The birthplace of kindergarten is returning to its roots. While schools and parents elsewhere push young children to read, write and surf the Internet earlier in order to prepare for an increasingly cutthroat global economy, some little Germans are taking a less traveled path — deep into the woods.”

Environmentally-minded parents, overwhelmed with baby consumption mania, are enrolling their children in an effort to reconnect them, and their families with nature.  Kids inspect worms, jump in puddles, and climb trees in lieu of mastering the latest GameBoy program.

Coming soon to a suburb near you?

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