3 thoughts on “Raising Ecobaby

  1. tracey

    I agree that having kids makes you think heavily about what the world will be like for them… There is no greater motivator than picturing your baby in a messed up, dirty world.

  2. Elizabeth Arnold

    I read your article, but I noticed you didn’t mention cloth diapering or breastfeeding as environmental choices. Also, I just think it’s interesting how many experts are against re-using or buying used children’s items like toys, cribs, car seats, breast pumps. There are valid health and safety reasons for this, but sometimes I wonder if there are less valid reasons as well. . .

  3. Linda

    Loved the article. Yes, I am so not green and having kids totally made me rethink my actions. We have so much waste in this house with two young kids. We are trying to reuse stuff as much as we can and not create as much waste. For such little people, they leave such big messes!


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