The Undivorced

I have¬† a new story in yesterday’s Styles section of The New York Times about couples who separate and stay separated indefinitely, rather than proceeding directly to divorce. Call them the Undivorced. (I did.) The comments section is really fascinating. While it would be impossible to quantify whether the number of these undivorced couples is growing, it is clearly not uncommon. Many people wrote about various iterations in their own families.¬†

The Census Bureau does not track length of separation, but at any given buy clomid online moment, approximately 2.3% of American adults describe themselves as separated, and an additional 1.4% say they are married but their spouse is absent (though he may be in the military or temporarily relocated for a job, for example).

While reporting, I watched this fascinating interview of the late Susan Buffett, longtime separated wife of Warren Buffett, on Charlie Rose, which I wholly recommend.

Finally, I’m thrilled to report that the story is #5 most emailed on, which is the first time I’ve broken the top 10. Very exciting for me, personally.

3 thoughts on “The Undivorced

  1. Muke

    Hello Pamela,

    I am new at following our blog. I was actually turned on by Hamza Yusef (a great guy – so nice to my kids).

    Your recent blog was very worthy and timely. I actually did get a chance to see the interview with Susan Buffet. It was simply great! Thanks for the tip.

    I hope to be a repeat person to comment and your stories.

    All the best,


  2. Huma

    Hi! My name is Huma and I’m a producer for Weekend Today at NBC. We are interested in doing a story about this topic and are looking for a couple in this situation to interview on camera on Thursday, August 12. Preferably in the NY/NJ area but could possibly interview someone in LA or DC or Chicago. Pls email me at



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