My First Children’s Book

This weekend, The New York Times Book Review ran my very first review of a picture book. Reviewing a picture book, in my opinion, is a challenge, and a far different enterprise from the adult nonfiction books I generally review. I was lucky that the book in question was Knuffle Bunny Free, the final in Mo Willems’s bestselling Trixie trilogy. Not only was I a fan of the first two installments, but I had the good fortune to get hold of a galley at this year’s Book Expo in June, where perhaps the longest line I saw was the one snaking its way to Willems, who was signing buy modafinil online posters and drawings of Trixie and Co. for a long line of eager parents and librarians. I loved the book the instant I read it, even if it did leave me a bawling mess, in the end. I read it right around the time I saw Toy Story 3, and the experience was frightfully similar. A coincidence or a sign of impending middle age?!?

I was also delighted to note that Mo Willems himself seemed to appreciate the review and wrote so on his entertaining Doodles blog here.

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