I can attribute my long absence on the blog to several things:

1. I started a new job as the children’s books editor at The New York Times Book Review. This, in fact, takes time. A lot of it. And it’s the first time I’ve worked outside my home and pajamas since 2003. It’s been a big adjustment.

2. I am still writing my Studied column for the Times antibiotics/ Sunday Styles section.

3. I’ve been writing elsewhere at the Times for Education Life, The Week in Review, and this weekend, my first Arts & Leisure story.

4. I’ve been writing for the Times’ own ArtsBeats blog.

5. And finally, I’ve joined that great time suck, Twitter.

So please, forgive me if I don’t update here often but do follow me on Twitter where I can be found at @PamelaPaulNYT.

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