Can Preschoolers Be Depressed?

A look at whether clinical depression can be diagnosed in a four year old

The Battle Over a Baby

A lesbian couple's experience with the West Virginian foster care system. (Kathryn successfully adopted Ticasey in September 2009.)

My Life With Bob

I write about my Book of Books, a reading journal I've kept for 24 years.

I Was a Sci-Fi Heroine

"A Wrinkle in Time" celebrates its 50th anniversary

Not a Happy Camper

Summer Camp Is Remembered, Sometimes Not So Fondly

Cyberparenting and the Risks of TMI

Do parents really want to know about their children's online lives?

My Daughter the Vegetarian

For the Food section, an essay on children and their food choices

A Mother-Daughter Test

London, Together

Regrets of an Accomplished Child

One of my rare personal essays, about being the wrong kind of A+ student.

Being a Legacy Has Its Burden

What it's like for the children of Ivy League alum

Are Fathers Necessary?

Recent research on gender and parenting suggests not.

Dog Bites Bug

Bedbugs hit the Upper West Side and specially-trained dogs go after them.

Today’s Women Can Have it All — Including a Midlife Crisis

An outlook essay on equal opportunity breakdowns

The Cost of Growing Up On Porn

An Outlook essay on pornography's hidden effects

The Trouble with Repeat Cesareans

A story on patient's rights and the VBAC-lash

Million Dollar Babies

A look at the skyrocketing costs of raising kids

The Bridal Industry

A look at the wedding biz

Beloved, It’s Not

What makes a flop

The Menopause Market

An investigation into alternative menopause therapies

The Permaparent Trap

Twentysomethings move home

Dear Reader, Get a Life

The new advice columnists give tough love

This is Not a Memoir

On publicity for my first book

Bringing 9/11 Home

A moving documentary

Hook and Bait

The decline of hunting and fishing

Make Room for Granddaddy

The baby boomer as grandparent