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I have two new stories in this week’s Sunday Styles section of The New York Times, both of them on our darker moments: The first, The Playground Gets Even Tougher, looks at the trickling down of mean-girl behavior from fifth grade into kindergarten and even preschool. As the mother of a young girl, I found […]…
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Who Will Be the Smallest Kid in Kindergarten?

I have a story that ran in the New York Times Sunday Style section yesterday about how the widespread practice of redshirting is affecting parents, children, and kindergarten classes nationwide. While I was not surprised, as a parent, but the amount of angst this causes parents (whether to redshirt, what happens if you don’t, what’s […]…
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The Early Show, Later

To those of you who tuned in to the Early Show yesterday morning and wondered where I was (I’ve heard from some of you via email), my apologies. My appearance was what they call “bumped” to the 28th due to last minute breaking news. I hope you’ll be patient until then; I should show up […]…
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