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I seem to be doing a doula-diaper tango this week, but both have been on my mind. Diapers, perhaps, more onerously. Last night, for the fifth night in a row, my newly potty-trained daughter woke me up several times groaning and asking to go the potty. Sleep-befogged, I have to resist hissing, “Just do it in your diaper!” (she’s still wearing overnights). Surely that would send the wrong message. For added irony, my 15-month-old has finally started to sleep past 6am. After last night’s multiple wakeups, I decided things must change. Now. So I’m heading out to buy two-piece pajamas that she can pull up and down herself (she currently wears feetsies with a zipper, not the easiest thing for a two year old to get on and off by herself), pull-up diapers, and a nightlight. Tonight, she is on her own.

Anyone have alternatives solutions to this in-between independence and diaperpendence period?

Sleeplessly yours,