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  • Here’s a press release from The New York Times about my role in books coverage.
  • This is an interview I had with Poets & Writers magazine.
  • Praise for My Life with Bob.

    • My Life with Bob is a sweet and heady book that casts a serious charm. Our lively and fetching heroine’s journey becomes more thrilling by the page as Pamela Paul perfectly captures the joys of a lifetime devoted to books, as well as the attendant pressure, doubt, and insecurity. Reading this memoir is pure pleasure — funny, brainy, far-reaching — but more than anything, it feels like a call to arms to recommit to our best self: the book person.”—Maria Semple
    • “Any book that helps me remember reading the Betsy-Tacy-Tib series as well as A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, is a book I like. Pamela Paul’s My Life with Bob is an absorbing, delightful amalgam — it’s a recommended reading list, a personal reflection, and a paean to reading. I’m sorry I never wrote down all the books I read (or even practically any), but I’m so glad Pamela Paul did.”—Meg Wolitzer
    • “In this hilarious, wise, and elegiac account of a life led half in the world and half in books, Pamela Paul writes with courage and exuberance about the bumpy road to maturity. Her voice—tender, moral, madcap, nostalgic, generous—will captivate all but the most stony reader. My Life with Bob is full of hope, full of love, a joyful and poignant reflection on the well-written sentence and the well-lived life.”—Andrew Solomon
    • “Pamela Paul’s My Life with Bob is absolutely essential for those of us to whom books are more or less everything. This is a book I was born to read!”—Robert Gottlieb
    • “[Pamela Paul] is reflective, open and at times achingly funny. My Life with Bob is the book that she was put on this Earth to write.”The Economist
    • “Paul is inspired to question why we read, how we read, what we read, and how reading helps us create our own narratives. Readers will be drawn to this witty and authentic tribute to the extraordinary power of books.”Publisher’s Weekly, starred review
    • “Intelligent, unique, and wise, Paul’s book not only remembers a life lived among and influenced by books. It also reveals how the most interesting stories exist less as words printed on pages and more as ‘stories that lie between book and reader.’ A thoughtfully engaging memoir of a life in books.”Kirkus Reviews

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    Praise for By the Book.

    • “Invaluable.”Vanity Fair
    • “The effect is like being at a very well-attended cocktail party, or peeking onto the nightstand of a favorite author… At times delightful and always entertaining, this book can be taken in large gulps, or small sips. Reading it will surely result in a monstrous and fascinating reading list.”Library Journal (starred review)
    • “A captivating hodgepodge of literary musings.”—Publishers Weekly

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    Praise for Parenting Inc.

    • “Like Judith Warner’s Perfect Madness, this sine qua non for new parents is highly recommended” — Library Journal
    • Featured in The New York Times, The New York Observer, and the New York Post and on NPR’s Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and the Brian Lehrer Show
    • “This important book will help parents become aware of how much of their parenting is being forced upon them by an unrelenting sales pitch.” —David Elkind, author of The Hurried Child

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    Praise for Pornified

    • Best Books of 2005 by The San Francisco Chronicle
    • Paul testified in front of Congress on the findings as well as to Parliament in the UK
    • “Pornified may stand as a Kinsey Report for our time.” — The San Francisco Chronicle

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    Praise for The Starter Marriage

    • Best Books of 2002 from The Washington Post
    • Featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Politically Incorrect and NPR
    • “Starter Marriage” named one of the buzz phrases of 2002 by Time magazine (along with Google)

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